01 April
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$ 1 300 / per 1300 unit

Mozzarella Cheese for Sale

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Pentafrost Kft
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Bulk, Inorganic
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CHEESE Fat Content (%): 45 MAX Cow's milk made 100% real Mozzarella Cheese Fresh Mozzarella Cheese Shredded 100% made from US cow's milk General Specifications FINISHED PRODUCT ANALYSIS: A. Moisture 45 - 50% B. Fat on Dry Basis 30 - 44.5% C. Salt 1.5 up to 2% D. pH 5.1 5.4 E. Color Creamy White MICROBIOLOGICAL STANDARDS: A. Coliform/gm < 500 cfu per gm B. E. coli/gm < 10 cfu per gm C. L.monocytogenes Negative D. Salmonella Negative E. Staph coag Negative F. Yeast & Mold <1000 cfu per gm PHYSICAL STANDARDS: A. Shredded low moisture part skim mozzarella shall have a mild delicate buttery to slight acid flavor. B. Unacceptable flavors are fruity, sour, malty and metallic. C. Slight browning and oiling without burning under normal cooking conditions. PACKAGING AND LABELING REQUIREMENTS: A. Case pack 2.27kg(5lbs)X4 bags per case. B. Product shall be packaged in an oxygen barrier film. C. Production date will be indicated on the outer case and inner bags. SHELF LIFE AND STORAGE: A. This product has a 5 months shelf life from date of manufacture. B. Keep refrigerated at 33 to 40F. KINDLY CONTACT US FOR MORE DETAILS.

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