22 March
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Mozarella Cheese

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domotherm kft
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Packed, Inorganic
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CHEESE Fat Content (%): 45 MAX Cow's milk made 100% real Mozzarella Cheese Fresh Mozzarella Cheese Shredded 100% made from cow's milk General Specifications FINISHED PRODUCT ANALYSIS: A. Moisture 45 - 50% B. Fat on Dry Basis 30 - 44.5% C. Salt 1.5 up to 2% D. pH 5.1 5.4 E. Color Creamy White MICROBIOLOGICAL STANDARDS: A. Coliform/gm PHYSICAL STANDARDS: A. Shredded low moisture part skim mozzarella shall have a mild delicate buttery to slight acid flavor. B. Unacceptable flavors are fruity, sour, malty and metallic. MEDIUM RED CHEDDAR CHEESE OR WHITE CHEDDAR CHEESE Ingredients: Pasteurised cow's milk, salt, sarter cultures, vegetarian rennet. Allergen advice: Contains milk. Storage instructions: Keep refrigerated 0 to 5C. Consume within 3 days of opening. This product is packaged in a protective atmosphere. Nutritional Information (per 100g): Energy 1630kJ/390kcal Fat: 32g of which saturates 19.8g Carbohydrate: 0.1g of which sugars 0.1g Protein: 26g Salt: 1.9g 260g per sliced packaging

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