20 March
cow and gate milk powder - product's photo
€ 12 / per 1 unit

cow and gate milk powder

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Company name
Full-Trading Kft
Product located
Brand name
cow and gate milk powder
Product features
cow and gate milk powder
Product status
Product type
Packed, Inorganic
Primary package
in carton boxes
Amount in the package
6 unit per carton
Quantity available
5000 carton per 9000 months
Country original
Shipment terms
Product description
Nutrition Information per 100ml prepared feed: Energy 275kJ/ 66kcal Protein 1.3g Whey 0.8g Casein 0.5g Carbohydrate 7.3g -of which, sugars 7.3g -of which, lactose 7g Fat 3.4g -of which, saturates 1.4g -of which, unsaturates 1.9g -of which, LCPs* 0.024g Arachidonic acid (AA) 0.011g Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) 0.010g Fibre 0.6g Sodium 17mg Vitamins: Vitamin A 54µg-RE Vitamin D3 1.2µg Vitamin E 1.1mg α-TE Vitamin K1 4.4µg Vitamin C 9.2mg Thiamin (B1) 0.05mg Riboflavin (B2) 0.12mg Niacin (B3) 0.43mg Pantothenic acid 0.34mg Vitamin B6 0.04mg Folic acid 13µg Vitamin B12 0.21µg Biotin 1.4µg Minerals: Potassium 68mg Chloride 42mg Calcium 57mg Phosphorus 32mg Magnesium 5.1mg Iron 0.53mg Zinc 0.52mg Copper 0.040mg Manganese 0.008mg Fluoride ≤0.003mg Selenium 1.7µg Iodine 12µg Others: L-carnitine 1.6mg Choline 12mg Inositol 3.9mg Taurine 5.3mg Nucleotides 3.2mg *Long Chain Polyunsaturated fatty acids We can also provide you with all available infant baby formula milk .

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